Phrase Trainer 2

Phrase Trainer 2:  Phrase Trainer 2  is the ultimate training and jamming tool Trainer 2. Features Pitch shift in -12...+12 semitones Fine tuning in cents(1/100 of semitone) Slowdown/speedup from -50%(half) to 100% (double) speed Define as many loops per song as you want Zoom in and out of large waveform display Speed trainer, Pitch trainer Integrated file explorer, play list support, folder based playing, recent files and folders list Manipulate loops (Double loops,halve,shift...) One click saving,no boring "save" dialogs

 EVE Online - Simple Trainer 1.3: Simple Trainer automatically trains your skills  in the mmorpg EVE Online.
EVE Online - Simple Trainer 1.3

Trainer automated skill training macro bot for use with EVE Online! Simple Trainer will take any length skill plan for an unlimited number of characters and train it automatically. It has an easy to use interface that allows any user to create or upload their personalized skill training plan and begin training in minutes. No extensive setup is required to use Simple Trainer and you do not need to monitor it either. Simple Trainer will read and react

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Personal Trainer Personal Trainer is a graphical software for keeping an exercise log.
Personal Trainer

Trainer is designed to become your personal trainer - a graphical software for keeping a detailed log of your workouts and for creating a personalized schedule. It can be used for cycling, running, inline skating, nordic skiing, nordic walking or backcountry skiing. Of course, Personal Trainer also supports a lot of alternative (recreational) sports like scuba diving, climbing, swimming, tennis or snowboarding. Personal Trainer is based on a four

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Epic Trainer 3

Epic Trainer, Never again have to hunt for a cheat code or trainer for your games, With Epic Trainer you have the entire database at your fingertips at all time

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Elliptical Reviews 1.0: Free downloadable Elliptical Trainer User Guide. Get In Shape..Lose Some Weight!
Elliptical Reviews 1.0

Trainer Guide. How to Use Elliptical Trainers Effectively. Get In Shape...Lose Some Weight! The perfect companion to your new elliptical machine. What you`ll find in this guide: How to Use Elliptical Trainers - Getting the most out of your cardio workouts Can You Lose Weight Using an Elliptical? Elliptical Trainer Calorie Burn Calorie Counters on Elliptical Machines Stride Length of Elliptical Trainers Front or Rear Drive Ellipticals - Which are

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Chess Opening Trainer 1.1: Learn and remember chess opening theory faster. Build your opening repertoire.
Chess Opening Trainer 1.1

Trainer eliminates all of these problems, and more! Chess Opening Trainer will help you locked in the theory down in your memory. Chess Opening Trainer builds on the time-tested educational technique of learning by doing. You train against the computer by playing the exact opening lines you want to learn. Some of the most important features: -Play the positions against Crafty -Import PGN game from clipboard -Import games from PGN files -Smart training

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IQ Trainers 1.1: Prepare for iq tests with this training soft, increase your iq level
IQ Trainers 1.1

Prepare for iq tests with this training soft, increase your iq level quickly and effectively. This software package contains two programs: IQ Trainer and Memory Trainer, first increases your IQ score and overall intelligence, second improves your memory and helps you to develop an ability to quickly memorize information. Scientific base of he apps is described on site and forum

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